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Best antivirus software in 2020

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Review of Redbubble

Review of Redbubble 2020:

If you are reading this review you probably want to know about this platform and how it works or maybe you have no idea what Redbubble is.

Redbubble is an Australian-based global online POD (Print on Demand) marketplace that sells user-submitted design products.  It is one of these amazing on-demand printing services that offers high quality printing services and a wide variety of products to choose from.

We've tested this service to see how it compares to other print-on-demand players on the market and what features it brings to the table.
The rating is awarded after a thorough review by Redbubble and reviews by Redbubble artists and clients.
 Service is pretty good when it comes to basic print on demand and newbies.  If you're starting out in the print-on-demand industry, it's often a good idea to use a service like Redbubble that offers you both the backend and the POD business interface.

So, let's dive into the Rebubble review and see how this amazing print-on-demand service stands up against other platforms on the market.

However, after going through this guide, the confusion will clear and you will be able to make the right choice.

How Redbubble Works

It works similarly to other print-on-demand platforms.  However, it is a print-on-demand platform of its own and does not provide any application or support for other e-commerce platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce etc.

Therefore, you cannot install it on your Shopify store and start selling your custom items through the Shopify store, but you can upload your designs and logos on the Redbubble website and sell them directly from their platform.

Selling products through your website makes it very easy to manage your entire collection, but it comes with the downside of being unbranded.  You don't get the benefits of creating your own store and creating a name and slogan for your brand.  You would be one of thousands of other artists selling their work on Redbubble.  It's not necessarily a bad thing, but if you're looking to sell things in your own store under your own brand, then Redbubble doesn't provide that service.  I'd be better off with Printful or any other print-on-demand app for Shopify.

When it comes to working, Redbubble works quite simply.  Simply sign up for an account, upload your custom designs and logos, put them on your desired products, including clothing, and promote the products.  Here's how to sign up for a Redbubble account.

You can set the profit margin for each product.  Redbubble only charges for the base price of the item and anything additional you charge goes directly to your wallet.  For example, if an item costs $ 5 (base price) and sells for $ 15, then you make $ 10 in profit.


Redbubble Products

Redbubble offers a wide variety of products and they also guarantee the highest level of quality when it comes to their products.  Print quality is also much better than that of many of its competitors.

There are a plethora of products to choose from, but here are the categories offered on Redbubble.  Each category offers hundreds of products and multiple variants.  These categories include the following.

  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Kids & Babies
  • Device Cases
  • Stickers
  • Wall Art
  • Home Decor
  • Stationery
  • Bags
  • Gifts
Review of Redbubble 2020

You can choose as many categories and as many products as you like.  Your designs will be printed on each product, however it is better to choose different image sizes for your designs for different size products.  A design that looks good on a t-shirt may not be as appealing on wall art.  So always keep that in mind when choosing and uploading your designs.

Redbubble Pricing

Redbubble has a very clear pricing policy.  All the products that are available on the platform have a clearly visible base price for everyone.  You can configure your own marking on each element.

You can set a percentage margin and apply it to all categories and products.  For example, you can set a profit margin of 10% on all the products you offer.

Second, you can set a dialing percentage in a single category, such as 10% for clothing, 15% for phone cases, etc.  Here's how to set up your markup on Redbubble.

Finally, you can select a number-based dialing like $ 10 on all products or some categories and items.  Redbubble only charges you the base price of the products and everything you do on top is yours.

Redbubble Payment options

If you're making sales on Redbubble, you definitely want to be paid for all your sales.  Fortunately, Redbubble has an excellent checkout process.  You are paid within each payment cycle that begins from the 15th of a month to the 15th of the following month.

Redbubble offers direct deposit payments to a bank account (only available in selected countries) and PayPal.  Be sure to add all the details to your account so you don't have any problems receiving the payment

Redbubble Shipping

Redbubble manufactures and prints only for the buyer.  Every time a buyer places an order on Redbubble, the order is individually printed, manufactured, and shipped to that buyer.  Therefore, this whole process takes a little time because they have to do it for every order placed on the platform.

Manufacturing and printing takes 1-3 days on Redbubble.  It mainly depends on the type of product and the design itself.  But usually this process is completed in 3 days.  Subsequently, the order is shipped.

Shipping times vary depending on the type of shipping selected, the location from which it is shipped, and the location to which it is shipped.  Each shipped order can be easily tracked through "Where's my order?"  page on Redbubble.  It provides detailed order tracking that makes it easy for your customers to locate their orders anywhere in the world.

Review of Redbubble 2020

Redbubble Free Shipping?

Redbubble doesn't offer free shipping, but it does offer a high-quality shipping service that makes it worthwhile.  Shipping costs are calculated on the checkout page, so your customers can add products to their cart to see shipping costs.  Shipping costs vary depending on the location and type of shipping selected.  Customs and other charges are often not included in the total costs, so always keep these in mind as wel

User Experience

Redbubble provides a very simple and straightforward platform that makes even newbies find their way around the platform.  You could still use a little more ease of use when it comes to loading layouts and deselecting products as it takes a while to get used to, but it's still quite friendly to non-tech experts by using self-explanatory buttons and features.  themselves.

Redbubble Customer Support

Redbubble has a highly responsive support team that guarantees a response within 4 hours.  All you have to do is submit a request via the Redbubble contact page and the support team will get back to you within 4 hours.

  In addition to that, live chat is also available on the site and if you have any queries or problems that need urgent response then live chat is the best choice as they are very responsive.

The support team is also available via Twitter on weekdays, so you can easily tweet any queries and questions you may have and they will get back to you as soon as possible via reply tweet.

Redbubble also has an extensive knowledge base available in the help center.  This knowledge base is useful for both sellers and buyers who answer most of the frequently asked questions.


POD ServiceRedbubbleSpreadshirt
Pricing$16.25 (Starting price)$12.99 (Starting price)
Avg. Rating4 Stars3 Stars
Ease of UseNewbie FriendlyNewbie Friendly
Lead Time1-3 days3 days
Tech SupportPositive reviewsPositive reviews
VarietyMore VarietyMore variety
Print QualityPrint quality great according to user reviewsPrint quality complaints in user reviews

Redbubble Alternatives

If the best POD services, but there are still a number of services that are quite good in this department and give Redbubble a solid acceptance.

Here is the list of the top Redbubble Alternatives,
  • Zazzle 
  • CafePress 
  • SunFrog
  • Printful 
  • SpreadShirt
  • Printify
  • Gooten

To make it a healthy review, we have reviewed some public opinion on Reddit about Redbubble and this is what we have discovered.

One of the Reddit users has mentioned his experience of using Redbubble that made him give up by making enough money with this platform.

Redbubble Pros

Redbubble Cons

Redbubble Reviews Reddit

To make it a healthy review, we have reviewed some public opinion on Reddit about Redbubble and this is what we have discovered.

One of the Reddit users has mentioned his experience of using Redbubble that made him give up by making enough money with this platform.

A Reddit user asked about the quality of Redbubble
Here is the responses the user got for the query on Redbubble quality.

Another Reddit user asked, Is Redbubble legal?

How to upload and edit your designs in Redbubble?

Redbubble allows you to upload your custom designs, images and logos to the platform and print them on any of the products you want.  From clothing to stickers, you can print your images on any item that is available on the platform.

To upload your designs, all you have to do is log in to your Redbubble account.  Click on your profile icon in the upper right corner and then Add New Job, this is where you will have the option to upload a new job.

Click the upload button and choose the image / logo you want to upload.  Once loaded, you will get different product options.  When you click "Enabled" on a product, its

Print available on that specific product.  Therefore, you can choose which products you want to sell with your custom design.  This could be t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, etc.

You should also specify a name for your design, add a cool description, and some labels to make it easier for your audience to find your products.  Once this is done, simply press the Save button and your designs will be saved in your portfolio.  You can now start selling your custom designed products directly through the Redbubble website.

Review of Redbubble 2020

Redbubble F.A.Qs

Is Redbubble legit and safe?

Is it really true that people earn money via

Yes absolutely!  Redbubble is a completely legal print-on-demand company that offers excellent services to its sellers and buyers.  You don't have to worry about a thing when selling through Redbubble because all services are served by the platform itself.

Just upload your designs and select the products you want to sell, and everything else, including manufacturing and shipping, takes care of Redbubble.

Using Redbubble is completely safe and you don't have to worry about blocking the hard-earned money or anything.  You will receive timely payments to your account as long as you meet the minimum earnings threshold.

It is true that you can win with these platforms, they are legitimate!

It is impossible to give him a number, as the difference in Artists can be huge.  The secret to Sites like redbubble is always quality over content.  You can definitely win by creating Print on Demand designs, however you need a solid traffic source.  If you can create a quality design store that appears on the front page, you can easily see four figures a month, maybe five from redbubble.  Another alternative to generate traffic is to use social networks to create a brand and advertise your designs directly in your store.  Not only would you go up to redbubble, you would find the top ten design printing services in terms of traffic, and you would add your designs on all of them.  The more places people can see your designs, the more possibilities they will have to sell.  If you work on quality content with a good traffic source, you can easily start earning three figures by moving four with time and persistence.

How can I increase my Redbubble sales?

Have quality work that translates well to the products you're applying that art to.

Promote yourself from the inside out.  I mean, start liking, following, and being active in the art world within the Redbubble website.  The more "likes" you get, the more comments, the more exposure you will have and the more people will see your art internally.  Follow GROUPS and participate in internal contests to help gain more exposure.

Promote from abroad, with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Spend some time on your creative schedule to maintain and build these social media accounts.  Have your RB store links available on all social media accounts.  This will help to gain more exposure.

Pay attention to trends.  It's summer, so more summer designs are being sold.  Two months before next season begins, create works that translate to those seasons.  For example, now that it's summer, the next seasons will be fall and Halloween.  Promote your summer designs and keep making summer designs, but start thinking about your next season.

My motto is always be creating.  Even some of my worst doodles ended up being a hot sale product on Redbubble.  Follow it.  It would be helpful to get to know your RB store and social media to help promote it.  Include it here if you can.

How can I make money by creating designs on Redbubble?

Like many POD markets, upload your design to RedBubble and they take care of the rest.  Inventory, printing, sourcing, and shipping are done through RedBubble.

Be sure to create a shirt that sells.  Choose a theme that works for your target market and design for your audience.  You'll be able to choose the quality of your shirts on RedBubble, so as tempting as it is to choose the cheapest option and the highest price for a bigger return, you shouldn't be.  Price is based on quality so there are no customers to return your product.

  When you start doing it right, it's smarter to outsource a graphic designer.  You will scale faster and you can focus on marketing your products.  In turn, you will have more income and spend time in the big picture.

5 things to think about when loading work on Redbubble

1. Choose a default product

When adding a new job to Redbubble, it is important to select a product as the default view for that artwork.

When adding work, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose from a dropdown menu to select which product you want to set as default.  When you choose a default product, you are dictating which product preview image will appear on your store page and in search results on Redbubble.

This is a good idea for several reasons;  You gain control over how potential buyers first see your work, and you can diversify your default product into different images so your work looks different.  It also makes you stand out, since many artists leave this option as "image only" and do not use it to have a default product.  Beyond this point, choosing a default product adds to a curated, comprehensive portfolio - it makes viewers of your artwork and profile see that you're actively engaged in considering how your art looks.

You can see in the example below that two artists have made a phone case and a handbag from their default products when I search for the word "plant" in the search box.

Also, when we market your art over the internet, we often send a feed that shows the product views, so if you haven't chosen a product view, you might miss out on a big exposure.

2. Label your artwork accurately

Properly labeling your work on Redbubble is a point that has been stressed to me.  Carefully looking at your artwork and choosing 5-10 select keywords that describe it as a practice to master.  Try to make it as relevant and specific as possible to your artwork, and always tag while imagining it is being used in our comprehensive search engine.  Tags can help bring your images to the top of relevant searches, and are a great way to get new eyes on your work.

By selecting a work of art to be a certain product on Redbubble, you are assigning that tag, so there is no need to add it again.  For example, if you set your default product as a mug, it will already have this tag, so there is no need to add "mug" again.  Try to stick to the descriptive ones.  If you have illustrated a picture of a bulldog, label it with "dog, bulldog, illustration" and the like.  Never tag spam.

Review of Redbubble 2020
3. Create SEO-friendly titles and descriptions (Search Engine Optimization)

When you add a new job to Redbubble, you have the option to fill in a short description.  It is very important to do so, as it is another way (like tagging) for new viewers to see your work.

Select 1-2 keywords that are also tags that you can naturally add to your description.  Search engines will be able to see the correlation between your tagging and description, and increase your ranking so that it floats higher in searches and gets more attention.  This is fairly basic search engine optimization and requires very little work to use keywords that accurately describe your work.  Remember, customers frequently search our site for products related to their interests, which means that their searches are quite generic.  Try connecting those magic keywords wherever you can.  Remember, like fizzgig above, if you create and upload an illustration of a zombie puppy, a zombie fan and / or puppy might stumble upon your piece after searching for their favorite things on our home page or search engine.

Make sure you never abuse SEO descriptions as search engines are known to crack down and degrade the results of people they see as spam or abuse of this mechanism, so don't overuse the tags or  descriptions, and never be misleading about what might be in your image.  Just the facts.

4. Check your products

Once you've uploaded your new work, be sure to take a moment to check how your artwork appears on all products.  This is especially important if you have made them available in a wide range of our products (which is great because we have a really nice wide range!).  Please take a moment to make sure your artwork is displaying well and turn off any products where the image is obviously not working on the product before going back and correcting the images.

Cups, duvet covers and leggings are frequent offenders of this, making them important products to pay attention to.  Check them closely.  It only takes a minute and it makes a big difference to the overall quality of your store page.  If your images don't look as good as they can, consider reloading a higher-resolution version of your work, using our mosaic feature, or completely reworking an image so it's perfectly placed on each product.

5. Say Thank You to Customers

Use our personalized thank you message feature.  This allows you to personalize your message to recent buyers.  You can say thank you, explain how much the sale has meant to you, and talk about the ways you would like to follow it (by clicking "Follow" on your RB profile page, for example).

To set up a personalized thank you, click on Account Details and click "Promote" under "Artist Tools" on the left side.  Then you will see the following:

Once you set up a personalized thank you, your customers will receive a special message in their order confirmation directly from you.  It's really important to try to reach out to buyers and remind them that the really unique thing about Redbubble is that we are built on a foundation of real people who have the ability to communicate and connect with each other, and that's wonderful.  thing.

Review of Redbubble 2020


We are sure that you must have made an opinion in your mind after reading this review.

Redbubble shines in most of the department.  All you have to do is design your products and promote them while Redbubble handles the website, manufacturing, and shipping for you.  So, just sit back and relax while your products make you a lot of money.

Redbubble Customer Reviews

To understand more about Redbubble, we decided to check the latest customer reviews on Trustpilot for Redbubble.
Overall Redbubble has received 4 star rating on Trustpilot that falls under ‘great’ category.
Here are some of the top and latest customer reviews for Redbubble

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